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Adam Block Image Processing Workshop

Anyone who attempts astrophotography will soon learn that every step of it involves a steep learning curve- including the final stage of image processing. It’s not as simple as adjusting color or contrast then cropping the image for the final presentation. A good quality image that makes the most of your time spent with your telescope and camera is the result of an effective workflow involving software tools and processing methods. This is where astro-imaging expert Adam Block can help.

iOptron ZEQ25GT Review

After reading a few good reviews for the iOptron ZEQ25GT, I decided it would be an ideal mount to use for astrophotography. It was reported to be lightweight but with a decent payload, accurate, and quick to polar align. My plan was to use the ZEQ25GT with my Orion Eon 80mm refactor for deep space imaging and 9.25″ Celestron SCT for the planets. This review covers my initial impressions of iOptron’s unique Z-designed equatorial mount.

Hand Control Replacement Cables for iOptron ZEQ25GT Mount Now Available at Astrophotography-Tonight Store!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new line of  iOptron hand control replacement cables.  These hand control cables are a direct replacement for the cable included with the iOptron ZEQ25GT mount.  Don’t be tied to your iOptron mount due to a short coiled cable!  Available in three lengths: 7, 14, and 25 feet giving you more freedom to move around your telescope. Every cable is tested for functionality.