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Astrophotography with Newtonians by Martin Cohen

For many years, I have used small refractors to photograph the night sky. Refractors are great if they are well corrected and up to 80mm diameter they are quite affordable. With the right reducer/flattener and a decent camera it’s possible to create wonderful images: if tracking is done properly, stars will be nice and small pinpoints.

Adam Block Image Processing Workshop

Anyone who attempts astrophotography will soon learn that every step of it involves a steep learning curve- including the final stage of image processing. It’s not as simple as adjusting color or contrast then cropping the image for the final presentation. A good quality image that makes the most of your time spent with your telescope and camera is the result of an effective workflow involving software tools and processing methods. This is where astro-imaging expert Adam Block can help.

Photoshop Astrophotography Tutorial- Adam Block

New “Dimensions of Photoshop” tutorial now available!

You have invested heavily in the ideal astrophotography setup. You have spent numerous hours perfecting your techniques for acquiring the best images possible through your camera at the telescope. The goal is a masterpiece that you can showcase with pride for all of your hard work and investment.