Astronomy Cast- Weekly Facts-Based Journey Through the Cosmos

Having a good grasp of astronomy is a nice compliment to astrophotography. Understanding planets, stars, nebula’s, galaxies, and all of the other imaging targets along with the overall workings of the universe only enhances the experience of this excellent pastime!

My main way of keeping up with astronomy is to load my IPOD with the latest episode of Astronomy Cast,  a “weekly facts-based journey through the cosmos” by Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today and Dr. Pamela L. Gay, Professor of Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and publisher of the blog Star Stryder.

Astronomy Cast is an incredible collection of free podcasts that covers numerous topics such as the Big Bang, the life cycles of stars, nebula’s, galaxies, planets, you name it! And an incredible collection it is- they are up to 159 episodes as of this writing! Here are some of my favorite episodes:

  • 11- A Universe of Dark Energy
  • 12- Where Do Baby Stars Come From
  • 13- Where Do Stars Go When They Die
  • 14- We’re All Made of Supernovae
  • 44- Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity
  • 90- The Scientific Method
  • 108- The Life of the Sun
  • 122- How Old is the Universe

A nice part of learning from podcasts is the convenience factor. I can learn about galaxy evolution or Jupiter’s moon’s while burning a few calories on my treadmill or taking a long walk across town. I just load up a few episodes on my IPOD, then listen to them at my leisure.

I think Fraser and Pamela are quite interesting to listen to. One thing that really stands out is Pamela’s perfect articulation of the subject matter. She has a way of turning difficult scientific topics into an intriguing and beatiful flow of information that is enjoyable to take in.

I highly recommend Astronomy Cast for anyone interested in astronomy and astrophotography. It is an awesome resource for us astro-imaging types! Blast on over to Astronomy Cast now!


  1. Thanks Ray for the great information! Will be heading over to check out Astronomy Cast. I have warn out my Sagan DVD collection! Something new would be great!


    J. Turner

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