DSLR Data for Astrophotography

It is difficult as a beginner in DSLR astrophotography to determine the best way to go when it comes to the right camera, telescope, and method to achieve the desired results. Newbies in this type of astrophotograpy comb the web for a wide variety of information such as:

  • The types of objects that can be imaged with a DSLR
  • The best DSLR’s for astrophotography
  • What type of telescope should be used with a DSLR
  • ISO setting
  • Exposure length
  • Number of subframes
  • Calibration with dark frames, light, frames, etc.
  • Processing software
  • And much more

Unfortunately, much of the information is scattered across numerous astrophotography-related websites. Thus, the beginner must spend endless hours on forums and informational sites to pull the information together.


AstroPhotography Tonight has found a nice resource for the beginner. It is an online database updated by experienced astro-imagers with digital SLR’s. See DSLR Data For Astrophotography here.

DSLR Data was developed and is maintained by Paul Schulze, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, Abilene Christian University and owner of Timber Rock Observatory. It is a compilation of DSLR data taken with different scopes and cameras. Paul’s idea is to share the data, especially with beginners, in order to help them get a starting point in DSLR astrophotography.

DSLR Data for Astrophotography
DSLR Data for Astrophotography

As you will see, the database provides various pieces of information that a beginner may be looking for. Then, a website link is provided to view the results with particular DSLR’s, telescopes, settings, etc. The links are normally pages that are posted by an experienced astro-imager as a way to showcase their work.

Hopefully this database will be of some help to the beginner in astrophotography. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below regarding your experience with the database. We would like to hear from you!

Experienced DSLR Astro-Imagers

You can help build this database with your own unique combination of digital SLR, telescope, settings, etc. A form is provided to enter your details: DSLR Data Page Form.  Your help with this project will be well appreciated; especially by the imaging newbie!


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