Night Skies Network

Here at AstroPhotography Tonight we are proud to provide helpful resources such as tutorials and equipment reviews to the astronomical community. Now we would like to feature a super cool website that is sure to become a bookmark favorite! The website is called Night Skies Network developed and operated by Jim Turner who lives just outside of Madison, North Carolina. His website is made up of a network of amateur astronomers who provide live views through their telescopes of the night sky.

Night Skies NetworkNight Sky Network has over 4000 astro fans watching live feeds from personal observatories, back yards, and many other places where telescopes are set up and broadcasting the night sky (and many times the daytime sky). There are about 300 broadcaster channels that could go live at any time. The best part is they are all amateurs showing live video feeds as good or better than anything on the web.

Some broadcasters (known as “Astrocasters” on the site) are still learning and some will blow you away with amazing views of the sky. On most nights there are about 40 to 100 watching at any one time. The best part about Night Skies Network is that people are having fun sharing their skies, providing information regarding equipment and techniques, joking, and learning. All of the discussion is based in a chat window next to the live broadcast of the sky.

It is all about the people who use the site. They are all amateurs showing what can be done these days from backyards and remote sites using their astro equipment. They are a great source of information. Whether it is the broadcaster or someone watching your questions, you will get an answer. Want to see a certain object? They will gladly show it to you. Just ask them. They have the tools needed to showcase their rather large database of knowledge about amateur astronomy. What more could someone ask for in our hobby? Jim Turner

AstroPhotography Tonight gives Night Skies Network a thumbs up! We highly recommend this exciting and informative website to anyone with an interest in astronomy or astrophotography. Just go through their quick and free registration and you can start tuning in to any of the live broadcasts.


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