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  • Digital SLR Astrophotography

    Digital SLR Astrophotography

    This tutorial covers the methods I use for astrophotography with my Canon XSi digital SLR and Celestron CGEM. It is similar to the tutorial I wrote in December of 2007 for digital SLR astrophotography with my Canon 300D. With the exception of the Orion ED80 refractor, I am using all new equipment. I am also using different software for processing the RAW images into a detailed composite photo. Note that Read More
  • Astrophotography on a Budget by Martin Cohen

    Astrophotography on a Budget by Martin Cohen

    Many years ago, before digital photography revolutionized the medium, taking a beautiful shot of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), or even a detailed image of the moon, showing its many craters, rilles and mountains would only be possible if you had a large wallet and access to highly specialized equipment and techniques. For the average amateur astronomer it was entirely out of reach. With high-end telescopes now being mass produced, new Read More
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Roll-Off Observatory Plans

SkyShed plans provide you with all the information needed to construct an easy to build, attractive and fully functional roll-off observatory. 95% of materials are available from your local building materials retailer.
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Celestron CGEM Review- Part 2

This is the second in a series of reviews for my new CGEM mount from Orion Telescopes and Binoculars. This review covers the first night out with the CGEM. It was mostly a test of the goto functionality of the telescope.

I recived the CGEM on Monday September 14th, 2009 but didn’t get a chance to put it to the real test until the following Thursday. As mentioned in my first review of the CGEM, it was cloudy the night of receiving it. My chance came a few nights later with partly cloudy skies.

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Celestron CGEM Review- Part 1

This is the first of a series of reviews planned for my new Celestron CGEM mount. I had my eye on the CGEM ever since it was first announced by Celestron. Some of the attractive features were its payload, Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC), new All-star polar alignment, and its ability to track well past the meridian before the scope needed to be flipped. I received the CGEM on Monday of this week (9/14/09) and had it fully assembled within an hour.

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Jupiter’s Changing Elevation

If you are a planetary astrophotographer in the northern hemisphere, you have probably been frustrated with your attempts to acquire nicely detailed images of Jupiter in the last couple of years. Even if you obtained perfect telescope collimation, allowed your scope to reach thermal equilibrium, achieved critical focus, imaged during the best seeing conditions, etc., chances are you still did not get the results you hoped for.

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