Photoshop Astrophotography Tutorial- Adam Block

New “Dimensions of Photoshop” tutorial now available!

You have invested heavily in the ideal astrophotography setup. You have spent numerous hours perfecting your techniques for acquiring the best images possible through your camera at the telescope. The goal is a masterpiece that you can showcase with pride for all of your hard work and investment. But capturing the image is only one part of the successful astrophotography equation. Knowing how to effectively process the images can make the difference between a masterpiece and a final image of marginal quality.

Adam Block Tutorial- Dimensions of PhotoshopAstroPhotography Tonight introduces Dimensions of Photoshop by astro-imaging expert Adam Block of Caelum Observatory. This extraordinary tutorial covers the basics of astro-image processing in Adobe Photoshop (for those that are new to Photoshop) then moves into sophisticated and powerful techniques for advanced processing of astro-images. Learning from this tutorial is much like sitting at the computer alongside Adam as he processes images in Photoshop. Every step is fully explained to make sure you can apply the techniques on your own.

Create an Astrophotography Masterpiece!

More information here: “Dimensions of Photoshop” for Astrophotography.


  1. I bought this instructional video, my skills within photoshop were what I would call very low. Adam does an excellent and thorough job of walking a person step by step through post process work with Photoshop. I was more than impressed, besides my gear, this is the best investment I have made to improve my imaging/processing skills. Excellent product highly recommend to all! The only thing better would be sitting with Adam in person, which the video training comes close to doing.

  2. Kenneth Kressler


    Does this DVD do the subtitle in English version?? Why? Because I am hearing impaired and I would appreciate if you can provide me this in subtitle version.

    Ken Kressler

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