Sections- Making Every Pixel Count

1. Introduction- 3 minutes 2. Layout, Tools, and Palettes- 44 minutes

This introduction to Photoshop explains all of the fundamental features of the program.

3. Menus- 68 minutes

Continuing with the introduction we examine what each of the Photoshop menus hold.

4. Layers- 35 minutes

The various properties of layers in Photoshop are graphically illustrated with several clever examples (see video on this page).

5. Masks- 39 minutes

Used extensively throughout this video, here is the introduction to this powerful tool.

6. Masks and Selections- 10 minutes

Briefly example the interchangeability of Masks and Selections.

7. Keyboard Shortcuts- 13 minutes

Know your buttons expedite your work.

8. LRGB Production- 38 minutes

A complete explanation of how to approach creating an LRGB image in Photoshop. This section highlights Adam Block's use of the Shadow/Highlight tool as well.

9. Creating RGB images- 14 minutes

How to get RGB assigned grayscale images into Photoshop's color channels and create a new color image.

10. Inserting into RGB Channels- 18 minutes

Similar to the previous section, but another way to consider approaching making RGB combined images in Photoshop.

11. Using the High-Pass Filter- 44 minutes

Few sections better demonstrate POWERFUL processing tools in Photoshop. (see video this page)

12. Lab Color Space Enhancements- 21 minutes

Another section that is certain to bring joy to your pictures.

13. Soft Light Enhancements- 8 minutes

Quick, easy and powerful. Use the Soft Light blending mode to make your images shine.

14. Multiplicative Contrast Enhancement- 8 minutes

A variation of the Soft Light technique (above). A very good example is shown.

15. Star Replacement and Substitution- 16 minutes

Does your object look good but the stars are terrible? How about putting RGB stars into narrowband images? Here is a way to do it.

16. Stars and the Minimum Filter- 17 minutes

A standard technique of de-emphasizing stars. Variations on this theme are demonstrated when used in combination with the Unsharp Mask filter.

17. Sky and Star Adjustments (Masks)- 43 minutes

Illustrates how to operate on these two fundamental image aspects using Masks. This offers a powerful way to solve many processing problems.

18. Noise Reduction and Smoothing- 19 minutes

Use an object mask to properly polish your image with noise reduction!

19. Fixing Scattered Light- 16 minutes

A scary section on bad things that can happen... but do not dismay! Good ideas for fixing this problem are shown.

20. Another Sky Replacement Example- 9 minutes

More ideas on this critical subject.

21. Gradients- 23 minutes

The use of Russell Croman's Gradient Exterminator and other solutions using Masks.

22. Selective Processing Examples- 16 minutes

Other ways to approach manipulating your images.

23. Unsharp Mask- 9 minutes

The use of this filter has never waned. Be certain you understand it fully!

24. Star Repair- 19 minutes

The many manual ways to deal with mis-shapen stars. Brute force and beneficial.

25. Credits Total Time: 9 hours 30 minutes