Interview with Ed Henry- Hay Creek Observatory

AstroPhotography Tonight held this exclusive interview with astro-imaging expert Ed Henry of Hay Creek Observatory. Ed has been involved in astrophotography for a number of years and specializes in deep space imaging with SBIG cameras. He has an outstanding portfolio of high resolution images taken from his personal observatory in Wisconsin.

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Roll-Off Observatory

Here is a unique type of roll-off observatory designed by Ray Shore to house his 12″ Meade LX200 telescope. Instead of the roof rolling off on rails, the entire shed rolls away from the telescope! According to Ray, he just needed something large enough to protect the telescope when not in use. Extra room inside the observatory was not necessary since the cameras and telescope is controlled from within his garage. This kept the cost of the observatory to a minimum. The observatory is approximately 4′ X 4′ and rolls away from the scope on heavy-duty castors when the doors are open. Equipment details as follows:

  • Main telescope: 12″ LX200 Classic (D = 305mm, F = 3048mm, f/10)
  • 80mm Orion ED80 APO refractor piggybacked to LX200 (F= 600mm, f/7.5 )
  • Telrad viewfinder
  • Camera’s used: Canon Digital Rebel (300D) and Philips ToUcam Pro 740K
  • Mainly used for astrophotography

Ray’s personal website link: Ray Shore’s Astronomy and Astrophotography Site.