Venus Transit by Sean Davies

AstroPhotography Tonight is very pleased to present the work of Sean Davies from Moose Factory, Ontario. Sean captured a series of spectacular images of the rare Venus transit that occurred on June 5th, 2012. The transit was the result of the planet Venus passing between the Earth and Sun. The last time we were treated to this event was in 2004 but it won’t happen again until 2117!

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Night Skies Network

Here at AstroPhotography Tonight we are proud to provide helpful resources such as tutorials and equipment reviews to the astronomical community. Now we would like to feature a super cool website that is sure to become a bookmark favorite! The website is called Night Skies Network developed and operated by Jim Turner who lives just outside of Madison, North Carolina. His website is made up of a network of amateur astronomers who provide live views through their telescopes of the night sky.

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Astrophotography Tutorial: Creating Seamless Mosaics in Photoshop by Martin Cohen


This article gives a general outline of the techniques I use in Photoshop CS3 (CS2 and CS4 will work as well) to put together seamless mosaics of the moon and other celestial objects. Since I work with a PC myself, shortcuts for Photoshop will be given for a PC. For those who use a Mac the commands are very similar, but in general the Apple key replaces the Ctrl key.

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