Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017


The sun is the closest star to our beautiful planet, and its warmth sustains life on Earth. Without its enormous and constant emission of energy, life would not be possible. At a distance of 93 million miles, its light and heat takes about 8 minutes to reach us, traveling at the enormous speed of 300.000 km per second.

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Stellarvue Raptors and Lizards

I like unexpected adventures. And from time to time I get a little more than I bargained for.

Over the years, I have owned a crazy number of small refractors. They make for fabulous grab-and-go instruments: if there is a beautiful moon outside or I have a friend over who has never seen Saturn through a telescope before,

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Astrophotography with Newtonians- A Review of the Celestron Omni XLT 150

For many years, I have used small refractors to photograph the night sky. Refractors are great if they are well corrected and up to 80mm diameter they are quite affordable. With the right reducer/flattener and a decent camera it’s possible to create wonderful images: if tracking is done properly, stars will be nice and small pinpoints.

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