Astrophotography on a Budget by Martin Cohen

Many years ago, before digital photography revolutionized the medium, taking a beautiful shot of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), or even a detailed image of the moon, showing its many craters, rilles and mountains would only be possible if you had a large wallet and access to highly specialized equipment and techniques. For the average amateur astronomer it was entirely out of reach.

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The Changing Views of Saturn

As we move toward Spring, Saturn’s placement high in the sky comes earlier each night. This makes it a nice target for camera and telescope as the night temperatures become easier to endure.

A striking feature of Saturn this season is the near edge-on view of the rings. From our line of site, we get a different view than we have in years past when much more of the ring facing was visible. In fact, if you had the opportunity to view Saturn 7 years ago , you were treated to the maximum face-on view!

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